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Foundation Managed Service Plan

Advanced Managed Service Plan

· All Foundation services plus…  

· Advanced Monitoring - Including Router, ISP, Switches, Copiers, and printers (where SNMP monitoring is available)  

· Backup and Recovery SLA  

· 8am-5pm M-F Help Desk with a 3 day response on non-critical issue  

· 2 hour response for emergency service 

· Management of Office 365 Admin Center and SharePoint planning  

· Consistent individual training for Office 365 on all parts of SharePoint   

· On-site included 

· Office 365 Training (max. 3 hours a month)  

Premier  Managed Service Plan

· All Advanced services plus…  

· 24/7 Help Desk with 2 day response on non-critical issue  

· IT Budget Planning  

· Dedicated Account Manager  

· 1 hour response for emergency issues  

· Office 365 process and procedure creation leveraging the built in solutions.  

· Office 365 new feature roll out with individual training  

· Office 365 Training (max. 5 hours a month) 

· Basic IT Monitoring - Patch & AV Management, Hard Drive failures, Event Log management for Desktops, Laptop, and Servers only  

· Monthly Monitoring Health Reports for all devices covered under contract 

· 8am-5pm M-F Help Desk for current issues with 5 day response for non-critical issues  

· 3 hour response for emergency service  

· Management of Office 365 user account and licensing only  

· Office 365 training and  Admin training for designated internal Admin (max. 1 hours a month) 

Managed Service Plans: 

Networks left unmonitored and unmanaged lead to critical failures that cause a decrease in productivity which can negatively affect revenue. With managed services, these issues will be resolved proactively with reasonable and satisfactory response times. The ability to  focus on running the business, not  vendors along with the peace of mind that the environment is being monitored 24/7/365. 

Retainer Contracts

Retainer contracts are maintained for IT services as well as consulting and advisement pertaining to the IT infrastructure.  Monthly retainment is customizable to the needs of the customer which is negotiated at the time of agreement.  The advantages of a retainer is the accessibility and consistency in your IT support and environment.   


  • Minimum of 1.5 hours of support monthly 

  • Hourly pre paid rate $60.00/hour 

  • Hourly overage rate $80.00/hour 

Non-Contract Break/Fix

One time services rendered for non-contract customers are based on the agreement made for the work requested.   All services rendered out of contract are subject to our standard rate for work performed at $120.00/hour. 


  • Bench work 

  • On-site work 

  • Remote work 

  • Networking 

  • Troubleshooting 

  • Anti-virus and data protection 

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