Considering moving to the cloud? Let us demystify what the cloud is and how it can serve you.  Whether it is migrating from servers to cloud, a brand new turnkey setup, or a hybrid cloud and onsite solution we can build a plan for your organization and help in the execution along the way. 

Office 365 Solutions

If you are looking for a skilled technician to review your current setup and then advise a plan to move forward, we are the team for you. Whether it is just a second set of eyes or planning for a new deployment, we can offer our expertise to move you forward. 

Consultant Services

We have all the experience needed to secure and stay productive in your network environment.  Whether it is securing your internet service providers connection with a security device to managing Virtual LANs for complex network solutions we have the skills set to troubleshoot and give honest feedback. 

Network Management

With over 10 years of skill with Microsoft Server environments, we are experienced at managing servers in your environment. We will plan ahead on the replacement given standard condition and help you budget around this while suggesting methods to improve performance.​ 

Server Management

Moving to wireless in your office or just wondering why your coverage is spotty? We can analyze your site and give solutions to get the wireless coverage you expect and need. 

Wireless Networking

We now are able to offer a complete solution from securing your internet to being able to find the best provider for your business location, we can offer a beginning to end solutions for your network 

Internet Service Providers

Gaining insight on to the status of your network and resources of servers and workstation is paramount to running a business with the least amount of downtime.  We offer monitoring solutions and reporting to give insights on this all in an easy to access console.  Monitoring is core to our Managed Service Plans and enables any business to become proactive for their devices to avoid unexpected downtime. 


We support hardware for the life cycle of the product. We will help you find the product to fit your needs, then we can sell, install, and maintain the product for the entirety of it lifecycle. 



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